8000 km

Yesterday my odometer rolled around to 8000 km (~5000 miles).  I got my odometer in September 2008, meaning I have done 8000 km on the bike in just under two years.  In September 2009 I had done ~3200 km so I have really managed to use the bike a lot more in my second year of odometer ownership.  Those who cycle in competitions and train hard probably rack up 2 or 3 times as much distance, but I don’t cycle competitively or train for rides, almost all of my riding is for transport.  I’m quite pleased.  Pleased enough to use a map tool to draw a radius of 8000 km around Manchester:


I passed the 8000 km mark on a leisure ride with friends from Sowerby Bridge to Manchester along the Rochdale canal, with a few stops at pubs including the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms in Sowerby Bridge, The Golden Lion in Todmorden, The Red Lion in Littleborough, The Slip Inn in Milnrow and The Ship Inn just outside of Castleton.  I hadn’t done much drinking and trail cycling before but the one thing I have learned is that when you are exercising the alcohol has a much reduced effect than when enjoyed as part of an evening sat in a pub.  At the end of the ride I felt like I hadn’t had any alcohol at all, possibly due to the increased metabolic rate from exercise.  It was a very pleasant ride, coming in at around 68 km, which I did on my Raleigh Tourist.  If it can be done on the Tourist it can be enjoyed by anyone with a similar bike, such as a Pashley.


2 thoughts on “8000 km

  1. that looked like a great bike ride! and thanks for the mention 😉 I guess I'd have to do something similar, just so I can show that it's indeed possible eheh! I've done Levy to Manchester Airport with PB and that was a lovely ride, but no way near your 68km (!)… although it is amazing the mileage you can clock if you cycle everyday; my simple, straightforward commute brings me to complete just shy of 200miles a month!! (I just keep count, I don't have an odometer) I can't even believe it myself. That puts a smile to my face 🙂 btw have you got the dynamo light yet?

  2. I'd be willing to bet you're racking up a whole lot more with running errands and such too. Its a shame that most odometers don't fit in with the stylings of bikes like ours, but I still appreciate having mine. Luckily some accessories such as the dynamo light fit the aesthetic well. Mine is supposed to be on its way now.

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