Mailstar campaign update

After being informed by LC of the CTC’s campaign to save bicycle postal deliveries I decided to fill in the form and send a letter to the new Royal Mail head.  I urge all of you (in the UK) to do so too.  After I posted about this on Twitter and the new Manchester Cycling Facebook page I was pleased to have my attention drawn to this by a friend:





They are made by a company called Cycles Maximus and apparently Royal Mail is currently operating these in Bath.  I am very pleased to see at least a bit of forward thinking at Royal Mail.  Hopefully if this scheme is successful and there is sufficient public outcry regarding the replacement of the Mailstar with vans we will be seeing these all over the UK in the not-to-distant future


5 thoughts on “Mailstar campaign update

  1. That's brilliant!! Could we really hope RM has seen some sense… right I am off to CTC site… I've sent already three emails to RM and two letters to my local MP (who was actually pleasantly supportive!)…PS – I may repost this on my blog (referencing back to you) just because the more we spread the word about these Cycles Maximus bikes the better!!

  2. Feel free to spread the word about this more progressive side of Royal Mail. The more people who get behind it the better. Maybe my MP will reply one day, I contacted him when I did the original Mailstar post.

  3. I posted a slightly altered version of the CTC letter this morning after reading your post last night. I had to visit my local depot at the same time to pick up a parcel and there was a row of 5/6 Mailstars locked up in the yard, I hope they dont stay there locked up all day though!.

  4. I rode past a Mailstar in glorious use this morning on Brunswick st heading towards the roundabout. Maybe the disassembled pile was the leftovers of building this one last useable Mailstar! 😉

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