Sky Ride Sunday 1st August

I went to Sky Ride in Manchester last year.  You may think it is an overly sanitised corporate affair, and it is.  It was also actually quite fun to see much of the city centre closed to motor traffic (as it probably should be anyway) and see plenty of people on bikes who probably haven’t been on a bike in years.  If you can cope with some occasionally gruellingly slow riding and are prepared for the extreme inexperience of some of the other riders, I’d advise giving it a go.  If you are an inexperienced rider you may get even more out of the experience.


This is the route plan for the 2010 Sky Ride.  It differs from last year’s route, which is nice.  It is unfortunate that Sky have chosen to make helmets mandatory for minors for this event, it seems counter-productive to force children to wear helmets whilst telling them how safe and great cycling is.  At least the rest of us are free to choose.

Alternatively there is Critical Mass two days before.


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