Fair Transport

As I promoted in my previous post, on Saturday I was at the Finders Keepers craft and vintage fair in Didsbury, providing human powered transport for Tallulah Taboo’s stall.  It had been a while since I had last ridden the Yuba (August has been quite bike-light) and I really enjoyed being able to use it for something useful.  The fair was quite enjoyable, although the vast majority of the things on offer seemed to be aimed at the more female end of the market.  Seeing as the fair was craft and vintage, maybe in the future I could get together enough vintage bike stuff to set up a stall of my own, providing a money-spinning refuge for the many distressed-looking husbands and boyfriends you tend to see at this kind of event.


I didn’t get a shot of the bike on the way there due to a sudden downpour which made me less enthusiastic about taking pictures.  This is the stall as it was set up when the doors were opened.


A selection of the pretty, shiny things on offer.


A complementary Tallulah Taboo fridge magnet on its new home, the Yuba top-tube (some bending required).


The remaining stock and display materials packed up and ready to be taken home.


The elusive me being caught on camera whilst setting off.


Riding off into the sunset.   

The exercise also helped to alleviate some of the wisdom tooth pain (I find cycling is a good distraction from things like toothaches and other pain in areas of the body not used to drive the bike).  On the way back i bumped into a group ride which included a tandem.  Quite a few of them seemed interested in the Yuba, reinforcing my feeling that lots of people would own cargo bikes if only they were more aware of their existence.  All in all a good day, I look forward to boosting Tallulah Taboo’s green credentials again in the future.


4 thoughts on “Fair Transport

  1. hey Mr C! So sorry I could not make the fair! I saw some lovely things on Etsy by Tallulah Taboo that I would have loved to have had a closer look 🙂 I think your idea of a bike vintage stall may go down really well you know?! btw do you know about the bike fair (well sort of) that goes on at Parrs Wood rural studies centre once a month? It's really good, PB found some great stuff when he was building his fixie a while ago. I am really liking the Yuba, I wonder how it would fare with kids and all? (for a future mind you lol!), I am starting to see it as a more streamline version of a dutch cargo bike… I do think Manchester drivers aren't ready for those yet, but I like that the Yuba is a two wheeled bike with super cargo capacity 😀

  2. LC, thanks for the heads-up, I may head down there and take a look around. A few of the sites on my blog-roll are written by Yuba owners with multiple kids, and they seem to find it manageable. Yuba make kid seats which fit the rack, you can mount two comfortably. One observation I have had with respect to the Yuba is that I am usually treated better by other road users when I am on the Yuba than when I am on other bikes, possibly due to the imposing size of the bike itself. Might be and enjoyable experience in Manchester

  3. Hey well done – most peoples idea of 'sustainable' is a Prius ;>DOwners of recumbents often say that drivers give them loads of room, probably approaching from behind & thinking, "Whooaa – wassat???"It may be that the same thing happens with your Yuba, as it certainly stands out, with a ha-uge load on the back (or even your '20) even more so.

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