Grocery run

I think this one tops my last big grocery run.  Amongst the shopping I ended up with quite a few heavy items, only realising how bad it was when the trolley’s handling started to get a bit sketchy.  The heavy items included; 24 cans of Pepsi Max, 8 cans of chopped tomatoes, 4 cans of beans, 10 kg of cat litter, 2 kg of cat food, 3 litres of cooking oil, 2 kg of potatoes, 2 kg of oven chips.  I totted the total weight to be at least 35 kg (that is about 5 and a half stone to you non-metric dinosaurs, and 77 lbs to American readers) which is the most I’ve carried for quite some time.  The ride back was actually very easy; the extra weight providing a pleasant momentum once moving.  All in all a good workout.


Here is the Yuba loaded up and ready to go.  The gentleman in the shot is hauling a respectable amount of stuff in a backpack on a fixie, impressive considering the impracticality of the arrangement.


I also saw this Mailstar parked up at the supermarket, secured only with the rear-wheel lock.  I wonder why Royal Mail wanted the bike to have a 26 inch front wheel and a 700C rear wheel.  I wonder if it makes the bike more likely to flip under hard braking when there is cargo in the basket.

I hope this weather reprieve lasts a while longer, I’ve been enjoying the novelty of actually wanting to go outside again.


4 thoughts on “Grocery run

  1. Whilst that sounds like quite a load, in the pic' the Yuba looks hungry for more!It looks a really impressive machine :>)Fixie guy needs to discover panniers – I feel for his poor back.

  2. @ian… I have been thinking of getting two more of the Altura panniers, I've sized it up and I could get three on each side comfortably. The main reason I haven't is because the need for that kind of capacity so rarely comes up. I think boxes are the way to really push the Yuba's capacity to the limit.

  3. I have had a few bulky loads where the bike was wider than usual, the only real issue was the fact that I wasn't accustomed to the bike's new width. Weight wise I have had about 80 kg of person on the back before without much issue. The main problems came from the fact that a person as cargo moves around a bit, making handling a bit dicey sometimes, and the weight is higher up than most of the other stuff you'd carry, again affecting handling. I think its the size rather than weight of the stuff that is the limiting factor, I'm sure 200 kg of lead in easily manageable shapes would be fine on the Yuba

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