September to September; 5,350 km

That’s about 3,325 miles for those of you in the USA, Burma or Liberia.  It is also on a par with LC from Naturally Cycling Manchester.  Last year I did 3,200 km and I am pleased that I have improved upon that this year.  I measure September to September because I got my first odometer in September 2008.  I like having an odometer, it is nice to know how far you have travelled, as it allows you to work out how much further there is to go.  Knowing your speed is a good motivator, it encourages you to keep up a pace and to work out how fast to go to arrive at your destination on time.  It is also a motivator, pushing you to try and go faster than last time when you’re riding down that epic hill (I got the Tourist up to 53.5 km.h-1 which is pitiful compared to a racer, but a racer it is not).  I use a Cat Eye Micro Wireless, not because I hate wires but because it has a settable odometer, meaning you don’t lose your data after a dead battery. 


It also has the option for being used with two sets of wheels, or in my case two bikes, the Yuba and the Tourist (and previously the Kona and my Revolution Cuillin).  This was a big deal for me, as I like being able to combine my distances covered on each of my bikes (sadly not the Twenty though).


I’d recommend an odometer to anyone, even if you only use it as a clock on your handlebar.


7 thoughts on “September to September; 5,350 km

  1. Congratulations are in order : ) it's very true what you said that distances that seemed impossible become straightforward! I used to dread the idea of cycling from home to town now I don't even think about it, I just hop on and go 😉 Thanks for the link to the odometer!

  2. Congrats on racking up the klicks. Thats pretty big klickage. How often do you have to change chain or drivetrain? I haven't used a bike computer for years, but sort of wish I had put one on my Ute when I bought it early last year. I may now that I see swapping it between wheel sizes can be done. I especially enjoyed learning about Myranmar, Libya, and the US!

  3. @John, I have done 3 cassette/freewheel and chain changes in the past two years, spread across two of the bikes I have racked the distance up on. On the hub geared bikes there is a lot less wear and tear on the sprokets and chain so I haven't needed to change anything yet. On the Yuba I had a freewheel failure so I had to swap it before it was particularly worn. It probaly works out as 2,000 miles between chain/cassette replacement (cassette would last longer if I replaced the chain more often).@grimnorth, It is a shame that imperial still dominates largely as the de facto system of measures here. Odd use of a defunct station as a reference point too.@ian… and LC, I find it is a real motivator to see how far you have gone, and to encourage you to go that little bit furtherwhen you might not have otherwise bothered.

  4. @ian…You'd get to go out for litres instead 😉 I've done it a few times on holiday and I have some litre glasses at home now too. Need to find a pub that will fill them up with cask ale to see what the future could be like.

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