Annoying (in a good way)

On Friday I attended the university’s Faculty Research Symposium, which consists of lots of seminars and poster sessions (and free lunch).  This year it was held in the Armitage Centre.  What the organisers didn’t appear to bank on is that large gathering of local scientists means lots of bikes:

IMAG0399 IMAG0400




I was quite impressed with this, an imported American Raleigh.  I’m guessing someone loved this bike enough to bring it over here with them when they moved here from the USA.

I’m hoping next year if the symposium is at the Armitage Centre again the organisers will consider providing some extra parking facilities.  In the end I had to lock the Tourist up to one of the support beams.


2 thoughts on “Annoying (in a good way)

  1. What a nice thing to see & there's probably no better way of making a case for cycle hoops!It's much the same if you visit York. There's actually a lot of cycle parking there, but it still isn't nearly enough.

  2. The oddest thing about the meagre bike parking provision is that most of the time the place is a sports centre. I would expect sporty types would be more likely to want to cycle to the Armitage Centre

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