B&M D-Toplight Plus Review

As I briefly mentioned in the previous post, I have replaced the battery-powered rear light on the DL-1 with a dynamo powered one from Busch & Muller. As seems to be the running theme for good from B&M and dynamo equipment in general, I had to buy it to get any solid information about it. The light is the same one that Ian from Lazy Bicycle Blog ordered for his wimmins’ bike, featuring a stand-light which stays on for several minutes after the bike stops moving.
The light can be connected to the dynamo or a front lamp using either a single or dual cable approach (depending on the type of dynamo used), terminated with screw(s) or spade connections. If used in conjunction with a B&M front lamp with a light sensor, the rear light will also be controlled by the light sensor/switch at the front. This useful feature is not mentioned in any of the B&M literature I was able to find. I believe that a wire ending in spade connectors can be purchased elsewhere, I was expecting one to be included. When it was not, I decided to destroy an old RCA audio cable and use the screw terminals in the rear light and heat shrink to secure the cable into the front lamp’s terminals instead.
The view from underneath the rack.
I ran the wire down the inside of the rack frame and along the chain-stay using cable ties.
The connectors on the front lamp have small holes in them through which I threaded the wire. I used heat-shrink to secure them in place.
Despite the lack of information B&M provide, the light functions very well. It is sufficiently bright and the stand-light lasts at least 5 minutes, which is all you really need. The ability to use the light sensor of the front lamp is an added bonus which B&M should really make more widely known. I never have to worry about batteries on the DL-1 ever again, and the ability to turn the front and rear lights on or off whilst riding (by overriding the light-sensor) is a small feature which I really appreciate.

5 thoughts on “B&M D-Toplight Plus Review

  1. Hope you like yours – I love mine & find it positively boring. Flick the dynamo onto the tyre, pedal, and whadaya know? Red light comes out of it – can't fault it really.I have a theory on the lack of install information Mr.C.I'm guessing a lot of these are fitted as standard in you know where & its neighbouring countries, and most people buying them are fitting them as straight swaps or upgrades…meanwhile in Great Britain :>D

  2. Good point Ian, the vast majority of these are probably supplied as "OEM." I just wish I didn't have to buy these types of things without fully knowing how they work and what they can do. Beats battery lights though.

  3. Hi Mr CJust got a B&M Toplight Plus to fit my tourer pannier rack. Soon there will be at least three of us lighting the streets of Manchester!I'm going to run it from the front light (which will be a Schmidt Edelux due to arrive at a local shop soon). This will be wired to a SON hub. Should be a great winter commuter setup.Cheers

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