Attempted Assault Follow-up

As I discussed in a previous post, a group of men in a white Nissan Micra (V688 KWW, just so you know who to look out for) deliberately drove at me and later got out of the car and attempted to assault me. I gave a statement to the Greater Manchester Police and gave them the registration. I was informed that even though I had managed to avoid their attempts to harm me, the incident was still classified as assault, that they would investigate further and keep me informed. After a week or so I was told that they had submitted an order to the registered owner of the vehicle to inform them within a certain period of time who was driving the vehicle at the time of the assault, with a standard fine being given for not replying. A few days ago I received a letter from the Police informing me that all lines of enquiry have been exhausted and the case is being closed.
So, in conclusion a group of men, including one who is traceable by his vehicle registration, go unpunished for an unprovoked assault, whilst a fairly large amount of my time has been wasted in an attempt to get something done about it. If the situation were to arise again I think I might take a different approach in dealing with it.

4 thoughts on “Attempted Assault Follow-up

  1. That's a completely bollocks conclusion for them to reach. I bet you're ever so slightly miffed.A regular entry in our local papers column on court convictions (it's a great place to live!) is "Failing to disclose a drivers details £*** fine".I'd be unhappy enough to go back to the police and vent your dissatisfaction. Somebody owns the vehicle & with a reg no they can find out who.Grrrr…

  2. How bloody awful! Aren't you tempted to give the Police more grief? Although, I know and can understand how disheartening that is!! It's appalling that's the conclusion they've reached…Hope you never have to experience anything like that again (both the scumbags' attack and the police response)PS – have you tried to contact the papers? Cycling is getting a bit more media coverage lately…

  3. I was tempted to go back to the Rozzers, but I'd just be venting my frustrations onto a powerless PC who will probably attempt to make me feel better but will be prevented from doing anything else by those further up the chain of command. I imagine that if the owner didn't respond, they were given a statutory fine, which if nothing else will remind them that committing crimes in an identifiable vehicle is a stupid idea.

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