Lumotec Lyt on a Brompton

After my initial attempts at modifying the reflector bracket into a suitable dynamo lamp mount failed, I am pleased to announce that the standard Brompton dynamo lamp wire mount is compatible with the B&M Lumotec Lyt. The arrangement doesn’t interfere with the Brompton luggage system, which was the main concern with this arrangement. This provides Brompton owners to a better alternative to the standard Brompton-branded B&M Lumotec Halogen lamp and a cheaper alternative to the high-end B&M Cyo which is also spec’d by Brompton (when buying the SON hub version of the dynamo wheel).


The space between the Lyt and the bag is actually bigger than it appears in the picture, with a good cm of clearance between the Lyt and the luggage frame.


8 thoughts on “Lumotec Lyt on a Brompton

  1. How is the Lumotec Lyt working for you? I almost got it for the Raleigh renovation/dynohub installation, but opted for a Spanninga instead. They sell the Lumotec Lyt locally (Clever Cycles) and it's not that expensive. I'm thinking of the dyno set up on the Long Haul Trucker and what light to get for it.

  2. I am very pleased with the Lyt, I have had it for a while, it originally resided on the Yuba Mundo and eventually I hope to return it to its original home. I have not used the Spanninga so I cannot give a meaningful comparison between the two. However, Spanninga rate what appears to be your front lamp as 10 lux, whilst the Lyt is rated at 25 lux, so it might be a good option for the LHT which I assume you ride at higher speeds than the Wayfarer.The best thing I can say about the Lyt is that it is the brightest light I have ever owned.

  3. Mr. C–Good to know. The Spanninga is bright but not overly so, and doesn't throw out a wide beam, so for the touring rig I'd want something more. The IQ Cyo R would be another option, and twice as bright. But it is also twice as much!

  4. The Cyo would be a good choice from what I have seen, if money is not an issue. The Lyt has served me well riding on completely unlit roads and paths after dark. It also has excellent side visibility and I would recommend it as a low-cost alternative to the various Cyo options.

  5. I have on son's bike most advanced lyt version- 178SNDi, I think. It died after 200km's, basically- it lits only in stop light mode and don't go to full power anymore, will open soon to check what's wrong. Wrote once to website contact form to them, but they seem to be ignorant about user feedback.(I cannot user warranty as in my country these are not sold at all, shipping back would be too expensive).Otherwise lense is pretty nice and give good beam, brightness is ok.

  6. @AnonHmm, I had a similar experience which turned out to be bottle dynamo slippage, only a trickle charge was reaching the lamp so it was always in standlight mode. Have you checked over the wiring for any corrosion or loose contacts? I've done over 2000 km with my Out do far and it is still going strong

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