Chorlton Green Festival & Wheelers’ Brunch 31.03.2012

Naturally Cycling: Manchester may have beaten me to it, but I wanted to remind anyone in the area that Saturday will be the Chorlton Green Festival, at which the March Wheelers’ Brunch will also be held. LC and I will be running the 11 AM feeder ride from Oxford Road station to Chorlton (as detailed in her post).

Last year‘s highlights included chatting with Mike of Mad Cycle Lanes of Manchester who rode there on the Brox recumbent quadricycle (which was not shown any consideration by those who installed the barriers on the Floop), a lot of unusual bikes locked up around the place, a stall selling some rather nice bitter and cider and Practical Cycles demonstrating some of their interesting bikes.

I hope to see as many of you all there as possible (and do come along for the ride too).


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