The Twelve Days of Christmas (2012)

The festive season is upon us once again, so I thought I would re-post a modified version of this post from 2011. Perhaps next year we will be able to get a choir together in time…

On the Twelfth day of Christmas my council gave to me


Twelve “Cyclists Dismount”s


Eleven-inch wide bike lanes 


Ten side-road give-ways 


Nine wheel-benders



Eight near misses

Courtesy of MiddleAgeCyclist

 Seven pointless ‘A’ frames


Six-Pounds from the budget 


Five bro-ken rims 



Four “Stupid twats”


Image courtesy of

Free high-vis


Image courtesy of Derbyshire Constabulary

Two ASLs 


Image courtesy of Crap Cycling & Walking in Waltham Forest (RIP – again)

 And a bike lane running through a tree


Image courtesy of Facility of the Month

3 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas (2012)

  1. I just did not understand ‘Four “Stupid twats”’ entry.
    Perhaps it’s just me, or I missed something.

    Otherwise, I like the post.

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