Another Twenty

My Twenty conversion seems to have inspired a friend of mine, who now has her own Twenty.  This one is Raleigh branded, with heron cut-outs in the chainwheel, a kickstand and a rear rack.  The saddle and handlebar grips are white instead of black.  the rear hub dates it from 1980.


It may be getting some upgrades/restoration, I will keep the updates coming.  I also spotted this today in the wild:



This one is a BSA, the first one I have seen branded as a Twenty.  It is mostly stock, but has been cared for well, although Iā€™m not so sure about the sporty positioning of the saddle and handlebar.  I have started to notice a lot of Twenties out on the streets of Manchester, but this is the first one which has been cared for.


2 thoughts on “Another Twenty

  1. I had a beautiful BSA Twenty before my Pashley šŸ™‚ all original, burgundy with golden fenders, white saddle and white handle grips, so so cute! bought for Ā£8 (oh how I love local ads!) šŸ˜‰ loved it to bits… but not as much as my Pashley! Can you get that attached to a bike? I thought not possible… I was wrong eheh!

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