Manchester Shots

One of the great things about cycling is that you see things which you wouldn’t have noticed driving.  The other advantage is that you can stop to investigate and take photographs of things without it being problematic.  I recently found these old wintery pictures I took whilst riding around in Manchester and I thought I’d share them here.


The church on St. Ann’s Square (St. Ann’s Church I assume)


No. 1 Deansgate against the clear winter sky


Cross Street, facing back towards Manchester Victoria.  I like that this road is closed to motor traffic, but it means that people tend to step out without looking, so if on a bike, proceed with caution.


The town hall clock tower against the clear sky.  The city council really went nuts with this building when the city expanded in mid 1800s.


Part of China town, the shop on the left corner is Ho’s Bakery which is an excellent place to get some amazing sweet and savoury bakes goodies (Wong’s on Princess Street is also very good).


The gap in the buildings here is to accommodate the last (or first) few hundred metres of the Rochdale Canal.  Also in shot is another tourist visiting from nearby Hyde.


The few hundred meters of canal on this side are much more popular, lined with various bars and nightspots which make up Canal Street.

I wouldn’t have bothered taking these shots of I was in a car, or on the bus.  At least now if anyone reading this is coming to Manchester for the first time, you will know where to go for Chinese baked goods.


3 thoughts on “Manchester Shots

  1. Nice pics Mr C, and I hope the tourist wasn't parked on double yellows ;>DI love wandering around Manchester looking at the old buildings, and agree with LC about crisp blue days in winter – great days for a ride.

  2. Crisp winter days are amazing for cycling, you can go as fast as you like without overheating.@LC have you tried Ho's? I prefer their savoury stuff. Love Wong's for the custard buns.@ian… I was probably on my old mountain bike when I took these, whilst my Tourist was languishing on a shop floor in Nottingham.

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