True Story

When talking with some colleagues in the tea room, the topic of bad driving, and more specifically bad overtakes came up. After hearing a few stories, I shared a few of my own horror stories of close passes on national speed limit roads from a cycling perspective. After this, the topic of cycle helmets came up, so I dutifully explained that the reality of cycle helmets falls short of what the general public often imagines.

From across the room, a chap chimes in with a story from the days when he used to cycle in to work. He told jus that several years ago, he was riding his bicycle without lights, in the dark down an unlit country lane. He collided head-on with another chap on a bike without lights. Both were injured, the other chap quite badly so.

At the end of his story, he turned to us and said, “I bet he wishes he was wearing a helmet that day. I know I do.”

Personally, I’d have gone for lights.


3 thoughts on “True Story

  1. Typical! The cult of “The Ninja Cyclist” lives. People just don’t seem to get that visibility, hence lights, is key. My flashing front light saves me from injury about once every two weeks as cars pull out of side roads or on roundabouts; and that’s in daylight. Adequate lighting should be compulsory, not helmets.

  2. Fully agree. As you know, I don’t believe in helmets but I’m sick of the amount of times in winter I’ve almost hit someone with no lights coming down Redwither Lane. Even seen them doing it on the busy Cefn Road, wearing all black of course.

    • I’ve seen a few with no lights there myself, thankfully I had some at least. the weirdest one was seeing someone ride up Cefn Road in the dark with no lights but a helmet strapped on. Safety first.

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